Batik Canting Craft is about making a masterpiece decorative beeded jacket artwork with esquisite details and a lot of passion. A masterpiece because every single one is different.

Making one piece of artwork takes about 3 to 4 weeks from choosing the materials, sewing, quilting, beading to the finished product. Not to forget the design concept and looking for high quality materials to use to make the product.

The exclusive packaging also adding the value of the product itself. Very recommended for home decorating and gift idea.


She is a wife, a mother, a grandmother from a big family originally from Pekalongan, a city of Central Java, Indonesia, a coastal area that is known for its batik.

Johannes is a civil engineering graduate from Darmstad, Germany. He runs his own engineering consultation company. He was born with outstanding sense of art - he loves paintings, wooden sculpture and many other form of art works.

Originated from their interest in art and home decor, one day they visit a friend who made batik wallhangings in large size. They decided to take part into business development and finally have their own business lines. After years of learning international taste, now they have many types of mini jacket in many size to fit clients need in decorating works. Batik canting have been decorating many houses, apartments, hotels and mansions all over the world.

She and her husband, Johannes, have a dream to let the world to enjoy batik in a whole new perspective. They work together, making masterpieces for you and the rest of the world to enjoy.
The daily live of Javanese communities including Royal Families and peasantry are still greatly influenced by ancient mithology and legend.
Therefore their spirit and way of life are embeded on a piece of cloth defined as BATIK.
It is more than just a piece of textile sheet with particular design, style and colour.
It contains deep philosophy throughout symbols drawn on it.
Batik are worn as daily dress as well as for ceremonial occations and ritual activities countrywide.